Vegan Tempeh Chili with Beans

It might be my midwestern upbringing, but I’m a chili fan. It’s warming and filling- you can’t ask for much more. This chili is using one of my favorite tempeh products, and it comes together in about 30 minutes. Serve with cornbread (or peanut butter sandwiches if you’re like my husband).

The Tempeh

When my husband decided to join me in eating mostly vegetarian, I knew I had to bulk up the protein we were eating on a day to day basis. I’m still skeptical about many of the ‘faux’ meat products on the market, so I tend to stick to tofu and tempeh.

For this chili, I went with using this smoky tempeh. I like the flavor it brings to the dish. However, you could easily use any tempeh. I’d recommend upping the smoked paprika another ½ teaspoon or adding a bit of smoked salt.

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