Sweet Corn Soup with Hazelnut-Dill Garnish

I don’t have much to write about this soup other than it’s one of my favorite simple recipes. It’s hard for me to go complicated with summer produce. Between the fresh taste of everything and the heat outside, everything stays minimal.

In terms of the soup, if you can make sweet corn broth, I’d highly recommend it. It just gives an extra punch of corn to the soup which I find so delightful. I’ve even gone so far as to remove the kernels and make the broth the day before making this soup. Or, you can gather cobs and freeze them over the season.

To make the sweet corn broth, I usually use 1 cup of water for each cob I use. Add in onions, salt, and a few herbs- it’s a broth party.

Also, in terms of topping, I love the hazelnut/dill route but it’s completely optional. Top this soup with hot sauce, add some toasted bread, or just swirl in a bit of basil. With a soup this simple, there’s so many flare options.

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