Peach Salad with Maple Pistachios and Chile Butter Dressing

Summer salads are a daily occurrence in our house. This peach salad brings enough heft that it can hold it’s own as a meal or be a delightful side salad.

Grain Alternatives

I typically make this type of salad with grains I have leftover from dinner the night before. For the grain, I like something that adds texture which usually means going with wheat grains, hence the Khorasan. If you wanted to have a similar texture but make the salad gluten-free, I’d recommend sorghum.

If you want to make this salad quick and don’t have leftover grains, I’d shift to something quick cooking: quinoa, millet, or bulgur. These grains won’t have the same texture but do help keep this salad on the filling side of a meal.

Make it Vegan

I like the salty balance the feta adds to the salad but it’s definitely secondary to the peaches and the pistachios.

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