Fasting Tea with Healing Spices

Fasting tea is a great way to help you stick to the digestive pause protocol and to enhance the fasting health effects. Made with calming ingredients and cleansing spices, this fasting tea recipe is designed to support your body during the fasting period. I love its spicy taste and wonderful flavors and honestly I can’t wait for the evening to sip it and give my body a real treat during the digestive restore period.

Can You Drink Tea While Fasting?

I love to help my body during the fasting time with a healing drink, since not only you can drink tea while fasting but you can actually boost the health effects with the right ingredient combo. I don’t see fasting as a stressful period, it’s a gentle way of giving my body time to restore and regain its balance.

Preparing a healing tea during fasting is a way to gain awareness and consciously support my body cells during the digestive pause.

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