Detox Smoothie Recipe with Blueberries and Ginger

A good smoothie is one of the best ways to start your day. Aside from being delicious, smoothies can be full of good fats and protein that can give you a good boost of energy for the day ahead.

The almond milk and avocado gives this blueberry vegetarian smoothie some healthy fats which provide a luxurious creaminess to this smoothie.

The pea protein powder provides a good shot of protein, and the blueberries and ginger are rich in antioxidants that aide in detoxing the body and promoting weight loss.

What are the Benefits of a Blueberry Smoothie?

Blueberries are the star ingredient of this vegan detox smoothie, and for good reason.They are rich in health boosting antioxidants as indicated by their deep, rich color.

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